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Blair revelations reiterate elite occult obsession
Remember the Aztec Re-birthing rituals and "channeling the light"?

Steve Watson | September 21 2005

This week's revelations in the London Independent about the obsessive "new age" activities of the Blairs reveal nothing new but serve to reiterate how our leaders are fascinated by "bizarre practices", odd ceremonies and rituals that any right minded person would find eerily occultist, certainly beyond the level an elected so called "Christian" leader should be engaging in.

Witchcraft and nail clippings: the weird world of Cherie Blair? Read the Independent article here.

Such was the eyebrow-raising nature of the claims made in Tony And Cherie, A Special Relationship that Downing Street issued a forthright denial. Writes the Independent.

So the Blairs are contending that all these claims are simply false, which is surprising given that in the past many mainstream media outlets have reported on their engagement in strange practices, were those all made up too?

Among the milder activities Cherie Blair is said to have taken jars of her own and her husband's hair and nail clippings to health guru who "dowsed" the jars by waving a pendulum over them to detect "poisons and blockages" that could affect the Blairs.

Supposedly the guru told Cherie Blair that "his pendulum could tell her when it was a good time or bad time to make major decisions."

According to encyclopedia site, the pendulum "...has been used for centuries in fortune-telling and as an occult device for communicating with spirits and ghosts. The seemingly spontaneous swings or rotations of the pendulum are seen as coded signals from the World Beyond."

Of course, this is not the first time we have heard of the Blairs' penchant for making major decisions via bizarre practices. In 2004 the London Times reported on the fact that Tony Blair had made political decisions based on new age readings of a hidden force called 'The Light'.

Whether the term "The Light" does or does not represent Lucifer, as it is commonly known, is an afterthought. The fact that The Prime Minister of Britain, who has made the call to partake in multiple armed conflicts around the world since 1997, makes political decisions by channeling anything is beyond the pale.

The new Book also reveals how Cherie Blair has borrowed a practice from white witchcraft and on a regular basis casts a circle, a deeply symbolic act in magic, to create ‘sacred space’.

Another revelation details how Blair himself always keeps a gray velvet pouch in his breast pocket. It contains a small piece of red ribbon and a piece of rolled up paper. Even his closest advisors do not know its significance, but he cannot operate without it.

In 2001 The London Observer (5th Paragraph), the London Times (2nd story) and the Edmonton Journal among others reported on the Blair family holiday on the Mexican Riviera, during which the Prime Minister and his wife went through a hybrid New Age/Mayan "rebirthing ritual."

The Blairs stood outside a brick pyramid on the hotel's grounds and bowed toward each point of the compass while chanting to each of the four winds. The Pyramid and the compass are of course both ancient elite symbols that have been adopted by secret societies such as the Freemasons in more recent times.

They then moved around the outside of the pyramid, one façade at a time, praying first to the Mayan symbols of the sun and baby lizards, signifying spring and childhood. They then prayed to another wall, on which a bird was painted, representing adolescence, summer and freedom. One a third was a crab for maturity and autumn, and finally a serpent for winter and transformation.

Before emerging from the pyramid, the Blairs were instructed to give voice to their hopes and fears and then undergo a "rebirth." This involved smearing each other with Mayan fruits and mud and exiting a "womb" in the pyramid whilst violently screaming.

This all sounds bizarre and incredible, you couldn't make it up. Yet we have seen again and again how elite figures are obsessed with these kinds of activities. We have a full archive and Alex has infiltrated and made a full length feature film on the occult rituals that take place on an annual basis at the elite hideaway at the Bohemian Grove.

The Grove is a private 2,700 acre redwood retreat on the Russian River in Sonoma County, California. Described as the "Greatest Men's Party on Earth," the members of the Bohemian Club and international elites have been gathering in their redwoods for over 100 years. Regular visitors include the Bushes, Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, Newt Gingrich, whilst past luminaries have included Former Presidents Regan and Nixon, together BEFORE they had even taken office.

Nixon is even on record questioning the activities at the Grove, making reference to the debase, decadent attitude as well as the homosexual activity there.

The most famous ritual that occurs at the Grove every year is the Symbolic Pagan Worship of Molech–the ‘god’ of Child Sacrifice. A bound effigy is burned in a "Cremation of Care" ceremony under a 40ft Stone Owl. Remember that political figureheads from around the world attend this sacrifice ceremony. German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder wrote of his fondness for the Grove ceremonies in his Biography "Men and Power". If your neighbours were doing this in their back yard wouldn't you be slightly concerned? These people are making decisions that have global repercussions.

A copy of a Bohemian Grove Play we obtained reiterates the obsession of the place with worship of mystical entities and rebirth, as well as hate and death.

Those in the play who have renounced goodness and love worship "The Great Hate Chief" who rules with iron fist and without conscience. The Great Hate Chief becomes embroiled in a struggle with forces of goodness and conscience that reside beyond the Grove.

On the reverse of the 1914 publication appears the ancient Swastika symbol, which was later adopted by the German National Socialist Party under Hitler.

Swastika is a compound of su -- a particle meaning 'auspicious,' 'blessed,' 'virtuous,' 'beautiful,' and 'rightly'; and astika derived from the verb-root as -- to be; hence 'that which is blessed and excellent.' The Swastika is a very archaic and sacred symbol which can be found in the religious relics of every ancient nation, for it depicts the whole story of the cosmos and man, their contrasting dual aspects, the four directions of space, the revolution of worlds, cyclic progression, and the union of spirit and matter at the heart of things. In H. P. Blavatsky's words:

Within its mystical precincts lies the master-key which opens the door of every science, physical as well as spiritual. It symbolizes our human existence, for the circle of life circumscribes the four points of the cross, which represent in succession birth, life, death, and IMMORTALITY. -- The Secret Doctrine,II, 556-7

As such it's also the sign of the circular movement, the sign of rebirth. It also signifies those who knew about reincarnation (Samsara), who spread all over the world and where they stayed they exerted their influence.

The Elite seem to be obsessed with the idea of rebirth and everlasting cycles, both ancient Pagan themes.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the swastika was a common symbol of German nationalism and could be found in a multitude of places such as the emblem for the Wandervogel, a German youth movement; on Joerg Lanz von Liebenfels' antisemitic periodical Ostara; on various Freikorps units; and as an emblem of the Thule Society.

The Thule society was The German Brotherhood of Death Society. Adolf Hitler joined this society in 1919, becoming an adept under the leadership of Dietrich Eckhart. The US branch of this Brotherhood of Death is known as Skull and Bones, members of which include Both Bushes and recent Democratic nominee John kerry. Skull and Bones itself is an offshoot of the Bohemian Grove.

We have covered reports in the mainstream media over the years that have exposed the bizarre occult initiation rituals that Skull and Bones members have to go through. Such rituals include lying naked in coffins, mock throat slitting and screaming THE HANGMAN EQUALS DEATH! THE DEVIL EQUALS DEATH!

This obsession with the occult and death is a running theme. Clearly our so called leaders have a taste for this kind of thing that runs much deeper than some sort of new age mumbo jumbo curiosity. Going back to the Blairs, why would they deny all such activities on their part should it just be "new age" experimentation?

It seems that with absolute power comes an urge to tap into the dark side of humanity and any kind of underworld that lies beyond. It is therefore not surprising that our so called leaders and decision makers that have led us into a period of intense conflict and disharmony around the world are the same people who pander to and in many cases engage in such dark occult activities.

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