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London Bombings - Web of Deceit: Peter Power, The Terror Drill, Giuliani and The CIA

Steve Watson | July 18 2005

As we revealed last week, on the very morning of the Bombings, a consultancy agency with government and police connections was running an exercise for an unnamed company that revolved around the London Underground being bombed at the exact same times and locations.

On a BBC Radio 5 interview that aired on the evening of the 7th, the host interviewed Peter Power, a former Scotland Yard official, working at one time with the Anti Terrorist Branch, now Managing Director of Visor Consultants, which bills itself as a 'crisis management' advice company.

Power was quoted as saying "At half past nine this morning we were actually running an exercise for a company of over a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning, so I still have the hairs on the back of my neck standing up right now"

Beyond the unbelievable "coincidence" of this scenario, the very fact that the bombs in the drill were simultaneous is a smoking gun because almost a week went by before it was revealed that the bombs had gone off simultaneously.

The importance of this drill cannot be understated. This is precisely what happened on the morning of 9/11/2001. The CIA was conducting drills of flying hijacked planes into the WTC and Pentagon at 8:30 in the morning. The two scenarios are comparable in that it is a tried and tested method of navigating around the everyday security services, and, more importantly, if the perpetrators get caught during the attack or after with any incriminating evidence they can just claim that they were just taking part in an exercise.

Peter Power has since toned down his claims in further interviews, changing his story of the drill to make it seem less identical to the real attacks. He has also issued a statement via e-mail in response to the thousands of requests he is receiving demanding clarity on the issue, that reemphasizes his backing away from his original "precisely" comment.

It seems that Power may feel he is in too deep and is backing away from the whole incident. This is probably due to the fact that Power himself and his company are not directly involved in the bombings, they have simply been used as a tool in a larger operation.

Power has been hired by the government before and he is always used to release information after terrorist incidents in London.

Two previous examples of this are the March 2001 BBC television center bombing and the September 2000 rocket attack on the MI6 building.

Was Power again used by the government as a conduit for information that would support their official version of events?

Power's comments (below) seem to suggest that his company was somehow involved in the response to the ACTUAL attacks, so if they were not working on behalf of London Underground or the Government then how were they allowed to be actively involved at multiple crime scenes?

In short, our exercise (which involved just a few people as crisis managers actually responding to a simulated series of activities involving, on paper, 1000 staff) quickly became the real thing and the players that morning responded very well indeed to the sudden reality of events.

Power is named among the elite of the Business Continuity (BC) community, he has regularly appeared on the BBC, covering terror incidents, as the "expert" when it comes to managing the crisis. He is also referred to extensively in a working paper on BC issued by the Bank of England, HM Treasury and FSA and has written for the British Bankers Association. His former clients make for interesting reading, they being JP Morgan Chase, ING, Mellon, Lloyds TSB, Morley Fund Management, Bank of New York, Arcadia Group, FCO and Universal Music.

Power has also spent time on the Advisory Board to the Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness(CCEP). This is significant due to the fact that a key member of that board was Richard Sheirer, Senior Vice President of Giuliani & Partners. Here they are listed together.

Sheirer was intimately involved along with Guiliani in the "crisis management" on 9/11. Giuliani himself was in London on 7th July after traveling down from Yorkshire from a speaking engagement at the Local Government Association conference in Harrogate, where he received a standing ovation for praising Tony Blair and hyping the war on terror.

Giuliani was also coincidentally only "yards from Liverpool Street station when the bombs went off." and later that day went on several TV networks saying that the crisis management teams (Peter Power's team, or so he would have us believe) seemed like they were expecting the bombing to take place.

Giuliani has met several times with government and police officials in London since 9/11.

CIA connections

The web of deceit extends further and the connections deepen when you take a look at the background of the Commissioner of Transport for London, Bob Kiley. Kiley also has connections with Giuliani.

During his time as President and CEO of the New York City Partnership, the city's leading business and civic organization, Kiley came into contact with Giuliani regularly, and was even backed by Giuliani as a candidate for city schools chancellor. Kiley was also a member of Giuliani's "Mayoral Task Force on Tax Reduction and Restructuring" in 1999. The two are also connected through New York City’s deputy mayor for economic development and rebuilding (after 9/11), Daniel Doctoroff, whom Kiley introduced to Giuliani.

Kiley was also an advisory to the Mayor's office on traffic management in New York, suggesting "eliminating toll booths and just putting transponders on every car's license plate. That way, motorists would automatically be charged ever time they rode on a heavily traveled bridge or tunnel -- or even a highway or major street -- during a time of peak usage."

Early in his career Kiley was tapped by the CIA and quickly became Manager of Intelligence Operations and then Executive Assistant to the Director. Kiley served under Richard Helms, who was appointed CIA director after JFK was taken out. Helms was the only director to have been convicted of lying to Congress over CIA undercover activities and served time in prison. He was heavily involved in the cover up of the MK ULTRA project. As his Executive Assistant, this means Kiley was also intimately involved.

Kiley is also incidentally a Member of the Council on Foreign Relations. We should be asking ourselves why is this CIA activist and high member of the Establishment, in charge of London's Transport network?

The Establishment have their mits all over this latest staged attrocity, you can carry on probing deeper into the rabbit hole and you always come across the same elite figures and organizations, hiding in every darkened nook and cranny.

It's a certainty that as the weeks and months go by more and more questionable connections will emerge.

Stay Tuned.


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